Logistix Au overland network logistics services

Overland Network : Getting Australia Moving

At Logistix Au we have strategies in place to satisfy the overland delivery needs of every customer, be it road or rail, FCL or LCL, paletised or Loose cargo.  We employ a wide range of contractors in every corner of Australia that can offer a delivery service tailored to your specific or non specific needs.

Logistix Au trucking and forwarding around AustraliaThere are many forms of transport in Australia. Australia is highly reliant on road transport. A very limited rail network for passengers and cargo connects many rural areas to major metropolitan centres. The Australian mining sector is highly reliant upon rail to transport its product to Australia’s ports for export.

Road transport is an essential element of the Australian transport overland network, and an enabler of the Australian economy. Australia relies heavily on road transport due to Australia’s large area and low population density in considerable parts of the country.

Logistix Au understands Australia’s reason for the reliance upon roads is that the Australian rail network has not been sufficiently developed for a lot of the freight and passenger requirements in most areas of Australia. This has meant that goods that would otherwise be transported by rail are moved across Australia via road trains.

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