Logistix Au At a Glance

  • Leading provider of modern logistics facilities in Sydney, London, New York around the globe.
  • More than 1484 dedicated Freight agents across 69 cities
  • Domestic demand is a key driver of demand for Logistic
  • Winner of Best Agent at the Logistics Awards from 2002 to 2008


At Logistix Au we provide services to customers and agents worldwide in International Forwarding and Logistics, Customs Clearance and Tariff advice, Bonded and non-Bonded warehouse storage, delivery and transport solutions and Cross Market Logistics Network Management.


Cargo and the  international shipping of cargo has been around for a very, very long time.  Clearly since the first piece of freight was shipped systems and controls have changed dramatically.  Logistix Au is cognisant of the need to be at the forefront of current cargo trends.


Bulk shipping requires a very different skill-set to just your production line cargo centre.  Logistix Au comes with a wealth of knowledge that will help you minimise your losses on bulk shipping an Bulk-cargo handling.

Logistic Services

International Logistics Services is our business and we make it our business to ensure that your business will benefit.  Our freight management controls will have you in control of your Import and Export, Air Freight, Sea cargo or customs formalities any where in the world.

Fleet Services

Domestically and Internationally we are in control of the contractors who manage the fleet of vehicles utilised for your pick-ups and deliveries.  Piece of mind is yours when you trust Logistix Au for your Door to Door fleet service..